You might think sunglasses are only important on sunny summer days, but harmful ultraviolet (UV) light can damage your eyes all year long. Even on cloudy winter days, UV radiation can reach your eyes with enough intensity to cause damage. Melanoma of the eye can happen without warning and something the Kohv family does not take lightly. 

Therefore, every pair of sunglasses in our collection offers high quality polarized + UV400 lenses providing  the highest level of protection against harmful UV rays and glare. The UV400 protection keeps your eyes safe from UV, while the polarized lenses reduce the glare that causes you to squint in the sunlight. Each Kohv style blocks 100% of UV light and eliminates glare by 99%. 

As the seasons start to change, don’t forget the most important accessory to keep your eyes healthy, safe, and feeling their best–your Kohv shades. 

November 09, 2023 — Whitney Biederman